According to the implementation of the Council Directive 91/250/ECC, computer programs are protected under copyright law.

Computer programs are a set of instructions given to a computer to make it achieve certain results, such as:


  • Operation of the computer.
  • Basic management of the computer.
  • Organization and management of the computer.
  • Organization and management of any activity having technical, administrative and accounting character.
  • Word processors.
  • Organization and management of data banks.
  • Video games.


The software can be protected by a:


  • copyright if it meets the requirements of creativity and novelty.
  • patent if it has one or more algorithms that are technically innovative.


Software programs can be registered:


  • In the Special Public Register for Computer Programs
  • At the Italian Society for Authors and Publishers (S.I.A.E.) as unpublished works if they have not been disclosed or used yet


Ownership of software programs:


  • Italian or foreign author